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"Life can only be understood looking backwards; but it must be lived forwards."
Soren Kierkegaard

Biography Work

Biography Work helps you to better understand yourself and your path in life, to recognize and accept connections between events and actions.  This will help you get a clear idea about your current situation, your needs and desires. Together we will ultimately work out steps so that you may shape your life in a coherent and meaningful way for yourself.

In Biography Work we start off by looking at your current situation and issues. Bearing this in mind, we then look at your life story. Rather than emotionally re-living past experiences, we take on a bird's eye view and with gentle curiosity together we explore how you have developed into the person you are today - with all the facets of your being.


How significant  have crises, upheavals and other events in your life been for your development?

Have there been repeating events, actions, strokes of fate?

What rhythms of life events, developments etc. can be found?

What important steps have you taken for your own development in life?

Where and how does your indivuality express itself? 

These are some of the questions we look at. Little by little, an overall picture of your very personal biography will become apparent. You become aware of correlations between different events and actions, your current situation appears in a new light and you find ways to take your life into your own hands. Together we develop strategies so that you can turn your goals into action. 


Biography Work is for you,


  • if you want to (re)discover your sources of power and potential,

  • if you want to better understand and cope with your own life situation,

  • if you want to find out what you defines you as an individual,

  • if you want to recognize the central themes in your life,

  • if you want to recognize patterns, rhythms and interrelations in your biography.


Please note that Biographical Counselling and Biography Work are forms of life counselling or coaching at eye level and cannot replace psychotherapy or a psychotherapeutic intervention. A normal psychological resilience therefore is a prerequisite for the counselling process. Should it become apparent during the course of the consultation that a psychotherapeutic intervention is required, I will be happy to help you find therapeutic help.

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