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"Where there is garbage in the basement, the attic can still be full of treasures."
- Annelie Keil

Biographical Counselling

Most personal crises, such as a separation, the diagnosis of a serious illness, unemployment, but also moving to a new town or a change of career, usually mark turning points in our lives. They challenge us to question and rethink the way we live, our habits and behaviours and sometimes even the people we are surrounded by. We use Biographical Counselling to look at specific challenges that you are facing in the context of your personal bioagraphy.


Together we explore your thoughts, feelings and intentions in the present moment, how your current situation is linked to your experiences in the past and what resources and qualities are available to you to help you deal with the current challenges and create a future that is meaningful to you. Together we develop ways so that you can realign your life.


Biographical Counselling can help you,


  • if you find yourself in a difficult life situation, e.g. separation, unemployment or illness,

  • if you want to reorient yourself professionally or privately,

  • if you find yourself in a transition situation, such as moving to a new town, if your children are moving out or you are reaching menopause,

  • if you suffer from exhaustion or burn-out.

Please note that Biographical Counselling and Biography Work are forms of life counselling or coaching at eye level and cannot replace psychotherapy or a psychotherapeutic intervention. A normal psychological resilience therefore is a prerequisite for the counselling process. Should it become apparent during the course of the consultation that a psychotherapeutic intervention is required, I will be happy to help you find therapeutic help.

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